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Plan for ISO 9001/14001 Version 2015

  • Three years of transition time is to be given(by 15th september 2018)


Transition Process

  1. Revision of internal management system based on the new standards (by clients)
  2. Implementation of the new system (by clients)
  3. Application for the transition audit (by clients)
  4. Review of the application (by EQA)
  5. Contract for transition audit (EQA ? clients)
  6. Notification of transition audit (by EQA)
  7. Transition audit performance (EQA - clients)
  8. Report preparation (by EQA)
  9. If necessary, corrective actions taken (by clients)
  10. Audit report review (by EQA)
  11. Certification Decision (by EQA)
  12. Issuance of new certificate with ISO 9001/14001 version 2015 marked

Gap Analysis Service

  • EQA can provide you with the gap analysis service based on checklists for your revised system

Application/Providing Information


Consulting for Transition

If you need more detailed information on the transition to ISO 9001/14001 version 2015, please call on +82 2 532 9002 or mail to eqa@eqaworld.com Our experts will provide you with satisfactory information.

Application for Transition

Please fill in the transition application form for submission. (Fax: +82 2 532 9003 or email: eqa@eqsworld.com)

Strength / Feature of EQA

  • We can provide you with prompt services for the transition from application to post-certification.
  • Our experienced auditors for various industrial sectors conducts the transition audits with local languages.
  • With multi-national network, we can provide you with the global trend and information quickly.
  • A variety of certification services are available and you can get multiple certification at a time.
  • We run various training programs to support management system maintenance and continual improvement.