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   Requirements of OHSAS 18001
4.1 General Requirements
4.2 Policy
4.3 Planning
Planning for hazard Identification, risk assessment and risk control / Legal and other requirements / Objectives / OHSAS 18001 programme
4.4 Implementation and Operation
Structure and responsibility / Training, awareness and competence / Consultation and communication / Documentation / Document and data control / Operation control / Emergency preparedness and response
4.5 Checking and corrective action
Performance measurement and monitoring / Accidents, incidents, nonconformance and corrective and preventive action / Records and records management / Audit
4.6 Management Review
   Necessity for OH&S 18001
 Active measurement for International tendency
 - Transition from Health and Safety Management System by government to self-control management system by
 - Planning stabilization of Labor-management relations
 - The rise of continual pressure by international pressure organization of ILO etc
 Aspect of Health and Safety
 - Protect of human life and property from accident
 - Continual decrease of risk in existence
 Aspect of properties
 - Decrease of insurance rate for industrial disaster: building trust from bank and insurance company
 - Remove of social, local and national crisis such as fire, death, serious wound etc.
 - Providing sense of stability for investment with
 Measurement for social pressure
 - Meeting of need increase for safety of the general public
 - Remove of social distrust by safety concerns
 Strengthening of legal and regulation
 - Active measurement for home and foreign regulation
 - Strengthening of supervision for international labor world
   Expected Effects of OHSAS 18001
Active measurement for International tendency
Prevention of incident and decrease of accident
Decrease of insurance and compensation cost
Increase of productivity
Improvement of morale and increase of confidence for manager
Improvement of public confidence
Verification for occupational health and safety management system by third party
Customer satisfaction
   Overview of OHSAS 18001

OHSAS : Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series
Lively discussion and review for standards of safety and health are now being conducted internationally.
There are limitation in existing quality management system and environmental management system to conduct safetyㆍhealth management systematically.