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   Overview of EnMS

Energy Management System(ISO 50001) supports organizations to establish systems and processes for improve performance included consumption and effectiveness of energy in organizations, if they conduct it faithfully after introducing this standard, it is designed to expect the effect on environment like emitting green-house gas as well as reducing the energy cost.

ISO 50001 can be applied to all organizations, emphasizes to be joined by officials, promotes continuous improvement through PDCA(Plan-do-Check-Action) cycle, then can operate to be connected to others, especially to ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and ISO 9001 Quality Control System.
   Effect introducing EnMS
Change fundamental thinking for energy and global worming company-widely
Contribute to reduce green-house gas and to prevent global warming.

Effect to establish the base line for using energy

Reduce the cost by using the effective energy

Promote eco-friendly company image
   Establishing Structure of EnMS
ISO 50001 requires establishment of energy review, energy base line, energy performance index, energy management plan based on PCDA(Plan-Do-Check-Act) methodology.
   Requirements of EnMS
1 Management responsibility
2 Energy policy
3 Energy planning
  - Legal requirements and other requirements
  - Energy review
  - Energy baseline
  - Energy performance indicators
  - Energy objectives and energy targets
  - Energy management action plans
4 Implementation and operation
  - Competence, training and awareness
  - Communication
  - Documentation
  - Design
  - Procurement of energy services, products, equipment and energy
5 Checking
  - Monitoring, measurement and analysis
  - Evaluation of compliance with legal requirements and other requirements
  - Internal audit of EnMS
  - Nonconformities, correction, corrective action and preventive action
  - Control of records
6 Management review