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Structure of ANNEX SL

ANNEX SL is a framework for general management system. All upcoming management system will have core texts as well as terms & definitions from High Level Structure. The structure is as below ;

  1. Scope
    It presents the expected results of management systems. The result should be industry specific and coincide with the context of organization (Clause 4).
  2. Normative References
    It provides you with detailed information on the standards to be referenced and specific standards.

  3. Terms and Definitions
    It details terminologies and definitions that are applicable to not only specific standards but general standards.

  4. Context of Organization
    It has 4 sub-categories including “Understanding the organization and its context”, “Understanding the needs and expectations of interested parties”, and “Management system”.

  5. Leadership
    It has 3 sub-categories including “Leadership and commitment”, “Policy” and “Roles, responsibilities and authorities”

  6. Planning
    It has 2 sub-categories including “Actions to address risks and opportunities” and “Objectives and planning to achieve them”.

  7. Support
    It has 5 sub-categories including “Resources”, “Competence”, “Awareness”, “Communication”, and “Documented information”.

  8. Operation
    It has one sub-category, “Operational planning and control”.

  9. Performance Evaluation
    It has 3 sub-categories including “Monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation”, “Internal audit” and “Management review”.

  10. Improvement
    It consists of “Nonconformity and corrective action”, ”Continual improvement”.