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Quality Policy   <1st Oct 2015>


As an ISO certification body, GHG verification body, and CQI and IRCA training organization, EQA shall declare following Quality Policy and all EQA personnel is responsible for its compliance for implementation.

  • Global organization fulfilling basic principle
  • Promotion of talented personnel future-oriented and creative
  • Contribute to International Exchange and System

To ensure the implementation of these quality policies, EQA shall publicize its audit policy, confidential policy, policy of suspension and cancellation of certification or of reduction of certification scope. Management policy and management goal is to be set annually.

Oct. 01, 2015

On behalf of EQA


Customer Service Policy   <1st Oct 2015>

  • Service approaching customer
  • Service thinking customer as center
  • Service helping customer

Audit Policy   <1st Oct 2015>

  • Valuable audit
  • Audit promoting excellency
  • Transcendent audit

Declaration of Impartiality   <1st Oct 2015>


EQA shall understand impartiality, control conflict of interest and, practice such when EQA operates all the work including the operations of ISO certification, GHG verification, and CQI and IRCA course. To implement and maintain such policy, EQA hereby declared as follows:

  1. All the personnel, regardless of its employment status such as full-time and part-time, shall observe impartiality in accordance with the documented procedure of EQA regardless of geologic location and execute work operation with objectivity and impartiality not causing conflict of interest.

  2. In decision making shall judge and determine based on objective evidence.

  3. In performing all sorts of work of EQA shall not press on others perform work not influenced from internal/external pressure.

  4. Top management of EQA shall ensure the personnel, performing certification and verification work by legally effective contract and documented procedure, maintaining the impartiality and not act in which might affect impartiality of certification/verification work whether directly or indirectly.

  5. In performing certification/verification work and course work, shall resolve which might affect impartiality through internal/external communication, establish documented system for ensuring impartiality, and implement monitoring systematically.

  6. Shall maintain consistency with other policies such as confidentiality compliance policy, conformity declaration, policy in suspension and cancellation of certification, etc, and interested-parties also declare impartiality declaration through homepage.

All the personnel hereby agree to the mentioned above and agree to comply with the mentioned in any case of situations.

Oct. 01, 2015

On behalf of the all the personnel,


Confidential Policy   <1st Oct 2015>


Undertaking of the Confidentiality Policy

EQA hereby declares the following confidentiality policy on certification activity; all staffs and auditors shall implement the confidentiality policy.

  1. All staffs in EQA have a responsibility to comply and protect the confidentiality on the information secured or formed in the performance process of certification activity.

  2. All staffs in EQA shall sign the contract with binding power legally for confidentiality compliance; in the target and scope of contract with binding power, the personnel performing work instead of EQA (including auditor and member of each committee) and the organizations (including the personnel of abroad branch in contract with EQA) are also included.

  3. When required by regulatory agency, accreditation institution and law, all staffs in EQA shall disclose customer information. However, if disclosing customer information, the purpose and scope of disclosure shall be announced to customer beforehand.

  4. The information on specific customer or individual shall not be disclosed to the third party without permission of certain customer or individual.

  5. The confidentiality on customer-relevant information attainted through other sources (complaint claimer and regulatory agency) aside from customer shall be complied.

  6. Including the member of each committee, auditor, and certification work personnel (contract reviewer and report verifier) representing EQA, all staffs shall comply confidentiality on all information secured or created in the performance of corresponding work.

  7. EQA shall establish the facility and security-control system for safe handling and care on the confidential information (document and record) including electronic information and ensure maintenance by checking corresponding facility and system regularly.

Oct. 01, 2015

On behalf of all staffs of EQA


Policy of Suspension and Cancellation of Certification or of Reduction of Certification Scope
<1st Oct 2015>


EQA shall comply and implement the following policy in performing the work relevant to suspension and cancellation of certification or of reduction of certification scope in performing certification work.

  1. Use of certificate shall be suspended complying the procedure under the following condition of certification cancellation:
    - When the management system of certified organization cannot continuously or seriously satisfy the specified   requirement
    - When audit is rejected, or regular audit cannot be processed in accordance with audit plan within the   certification audit period (ex: 12 months in surveillance audit).
    - When the request of certification suspension is voluntarily come from the certified organization
    - When the CA is decided as false or the procedure of EQA is seriously violated.

  2. Certification shall be cancelled and certificate shall be returned complying the procedure under the following condition of certification cancellation:
    - When the problem, as the cause of certificate suspension in suspension period, is not resolved.
    - When the business of certified organization is suspended
    - When the request of certification return is voluntarily come from the certified organization
    - When surveillance audit is not undertaken within valid period of certificate

  3. The effectiveness of certificate being suspended in suspending certification shall be announced to the organization. EQA shall ensure that the organization does not misuse certification in certification suspension by signing contract with legally binding power. However, certification suspension cannot exceed 6 months.

  4. EQA shall disclose the information of the organization where its certification is suspended and cancelled through website.

  5. Certification shall be cancelled and certificate shall be returned when the problem, as the cause of certificate suspension in suspension period, is not resolved.

  6. The certification scope shall be reduced or removed when certified organization cannot satisfy the requirement of standard partially. When reducing or removing certification scope, the requirement of the standard used in certification shall be satisfied and shall be conformed in the specified process of EQA.

  7. By signing a contract possessing legally binding power with the organization wants to be certified, using certificate continually or logo mark in advertisement in the case of certification cancelled shall be prevented. Monitoring shall be implemented regularly by establishing surveillance monitoring procedure of organization.

  8. The relevant information shall be provided to check the suspended, cancelled or reduced status of certification when there is a request of accreditation institution and regulatory agency posted in webpage for interested parties to use the relevant information.

Oct. 01, 2015

On behalf of all staffs of EQA